Living with PTSD is manageable: a few thoughts

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I don’t know how long I have had post-traumatic stress disorder, but living with PTSD is manageable. I first started addressing the main symptom of numbing the emotional pain in 1990. This means that this August I will have been actively trying to get beyond PTSD for thirty years. It wasn’t until some years after … Read more

“My” Rapes: Taking Issue with a Feminist Theory about Rape

To raise awareness of sexual violence

A new feminist theory on rape suggests that one should not use the pronoun “my” to describe one’s own rapes. This essay argues that this nonsensical theory only hampers healing and progress toward a more peaceful world.

The Forgotten History of Sexual Crimes in World War II

To raise awareness of sexual violence

Interview by Luka Pejić about sexual crimes in WWII, civilian’s coping methods, and the social consequences after the war. Wendy Jo Gertjejanssen is an American historian from Minnesota who received her PhD in 2004 with the dissertation “Victims, Heroes, Survivors: Sexual Violence on the Eastern Front during World War II.” In doing this research, she worked … Read more

Empathy will Change the World: My Empathy for Drunken Soldier Rapists

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I have thought about a passage from a memoir I read almost twenty years ago to this day. I had empathy with a drunken rapist, which surprised me because I am a survivor of many non-life-threatening rapes. But I believe empathy will change the world. Major Kopelev was on the eastern front during WWII when Marshal … Read more

I’m not a football fan, but…yes, let’s take a stand against racism

I commend the football players who take a stand against racism. I have never supported the NFL, nor been a Vikings fan. When Croatians were excited that I was from Minnesota, I could barely remember what sport the Timberwolves played. The research revealing the high incidence of sexual violence and football players added to my … Read more