More snippets from the interviews:

I post this snippet from an interview because of the juxtaposition of the fear of losing one’s home, being killed by one’s own soldiers, and bedbugs. B: Yea, yea, we were told, it was written [in the papers] that Ukraine was all destroyed, there was nothing.A: And why did they do that?B: Who knows why … Read more

I’m not a football fan, but…yes, let’s take a stand against racism

I commend the football players who take a stand against racism. I have never supported the NFL, nor been a Vikings fan. When Croatians were excited that I was from Minnesota, I could barely remember what sport the Timberwolves played. The research revealing the high incidence of sexual violence and football players added to my … Read more

Topographie des Terrors, Shame on You!

To raise awareness of sexual violence

It is 2017 and Germany still has not owned up to its widespread sexual violence during World War II, committed by German soldiers, members of both the Wehrmacht and the SS. The myth that only the Soviet soldiers in Berlin who committed mass rape continues to be in so many people’s thinking. I was apprehensive … Read more

Single Lane Cornish Hedgerow Streets

Driving in the UK is actually not as scary as I had imagined. By the third day, I skillfully and cheerfully manipulated the single-lane hedgerow streets. These really should be called paths. As my daughter said, these are as wide as the bike paths we use in Minnesota. But everyone was friendly and smiling, and … Read more

My First Driving Experience in the UK

“Now I have tomorrow behind me,” I said, now having driven in the UK. I was extremely exhausted after our harrowing eight-hour trip (supposed to be 5-1/4) from London. We drove in an hour-long traffic jam. We drove through roundabouts. Maybe only three times did I slam on the breaks so hard because cars came … Read more

Out with the old-fashioned, patriarchal Mrs. title!

I recently made it onto a BBC News page because I submitted comments after reading an article about the woman who coined the term Ms. The Mrs. title is patriarchal and should be eliminated from our language. Patriarchy and the title Mrs. go hand in hand. The BBC edited my comments and included my picture … Read more